Frequently Asked Questions


Q: What type of films is eDigiFilm looking for?

A: All genres of feature films are considered. We look for films that satisfy the current and future needs/trends of our customers and affiliated companies, as well as films whose forecast for revenue, meets or exceeds the return on investment anticipated by you, the independent filmmaker or producer.

Q: How soon can I realistically expect to see any money from distribution?

A: That depends on the outlet(s) for distribution. Normally, first money is received 60 - 120 days after presentation and agreements are finalized of the film.

Q: Will you consider a XXX film for distribution?

A: We have no markets for XXX films and decline to consider representation of these projects.

Q: How much does eDigiFilm charge to represent a film project?

A: If your film is completed, with all of the applicable and relevant releases, our fee structure ranges from 20 - 25% of generated gross revenue, plus reimbursed marketing expenses, as agreed upon by written contract, depending on the outlet mediums we secure. We are paid by the acquisition entities and forward your net proceeds per your instructions, within 30 days of payment. If your film does not meet the requirements outlined above, we will quote you time and expenses involved to assist in preparing your film and material for presentation.

Q: Can I send you a script?

A: We do not accept unsolicited scripts? If you have a script and would like our consideration, please complete the AGREEMENT TO RELEASE MATERIAL and transmit it by email or fax.

Q: Do you distribute short films?

A: We do not license or distribute short films, however, we invite you to visit our LINKS page and consider opportunities offered by our partners and affiliates.



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