Sales and Distribution

eDigiFilm Entertainment® is looking for a few good films from Independent Filmmakers and Producers! After putting all of your blood, sweat and tears into your film (not to mention your money), it's time to get it distributed or licensed for video and TV and hopefully in the theaters. If you are fortunate enough to get it sold or licensed and receive favorable or rave reviews, you can pay off your investors……and start raising money for your next cinematic venture

Should eDigiFilm Entertainment® make an offer for your project, we will work with you to develop an individual strategy specifically tailored for selling and marketing your film.

eDigiFilm Entertainment® may be interested in licensing your project for sales and distribution for one or more of the following:

  • Limited Theatrical
  • Video/DVD
  • Internet
  • Television - PPV, Cable, Broadcast

Please complete the eDigiFilm Project Form and return it by email. After we have reviewed this form, if we believe we can assist you, we will request copies of your film and additional material.


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