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eDigiFilm Entertainment® was conceived by Mike Clarke and Fred Harris of Omega Partners Inc., to integrate Internet applications into their core entertainment activities With more than seventeen years of combined entertainment and marketing experience, both individuals are performance driven and results oriented.

Mike's childhood interest in film led to a career with the nation's first video chain, Erol's, which was based in Springfield, Virginia, until Blockbuster Entertainment acquired the successful company. During the ensuring seven years with Blockbuster Entertainment, Mike progressed to the role of Vice President of Purchasing, responsible for developing and implementing one of the most successful acquisitions teams in entertainment.

Fred recalls his introduction to movies when watching Saturday afternoon double features as a child in Virginia. His fascination with film and entertainment eventually led to a joint investment in a multi store Blockbuster Video franchise. Since leaving the franchise arena, Fred has focused his efforts and resources on several successful Internet driven marketing ventures.

Mike and Fred developed a friendship and business relationship during the Blockbuster days, which became stronger and more formalized after Mike left Blockbuster to form Key East Entertainment. Subsequently the two collaborated as Executive Producers on their first feature film, Golfballs! This experience became a practical tutorial in moving a film project from concept, through financing, production and eventually into sales and distribution.

The strategic partnership of Mike and Fred in developing and managing eDigiFilm Entertainment® optimizes their talents in acquiring, developing, selling and marketing and distributing feature films for independent filmmakers and producers.


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