Script Acquisitions

The path to successful Film Production and Film Distribution starts with an innovative and marketable Script. Scripts are frequently projects of passion, especially for their creators. Emotional attachments may cloud the potential for sales and distribution opportunities, which are generally based on timing, market conditions and simple math!

At eDigiFilm Entertainment®, our decisions are based on hard numbers, experience and gut instincts. This combination translates to matching money with projects we believe have the greatest potential for success for the Independent Filmmaker or Producer, and investors.

  • Now that your script or film is completed…what do you do?
  • Is it better to sell off the project or license it in pieces?

If you are the writer or owner to the rights of a completed script or a completed full length film and you are looking for assistance or strategic consultation in having a feature film developed, eDigiFilm Entertainment® may be interested in learning more. We ask that you use our AGREEMENT TO RELEASE MATERIAL , which you may return by fax (954) 929-9302. Please use this form, as it is the only way we will initially consider unsolicited material.

Upon reviewing your script treatment and agreement, we will contact you regarding our level of interest.


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