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eDigiFilm Entertainment® was conceived by and is operated by Michael Clarke and Fred Harris, two experienced film and video marketing executives. This site may open doors for you and your film project in need of strategic consulting, sales and marketing, distribution, project development and film investments. We have experience and offer our services in the following:

Film and Script Development - We have years of specialization in development; development is one of our core competencies. Click Here to see films we have developed
Script Acquisitions - In addition to developing your existing film/script, we can work on sourcing and acquiring high production value scripts for you. Click Here to see our acquisitions
Film and Video Sales - If you have already developed your film, we can step in and seamlessly take over sales to get your movie out into the world. Click Here to see our film and video sales and investments
Film and Video Distribution - Whether you are seeing art-house distribution, or nationwide full release, we can help you navigate the tricky process of distribution that can make or break the success of your film. Click Here to see our film and video distributions
Film Production - We offer full production services and can partner with you to bring your vision to life. Click Here to see films we have produced
TV - Sales, Distribution & Licensing - TV is a growing industry and there is increasing overlap between the film world and the TV world as longer-form TV becomes more popular. We can help your TV enterprise with our film expertise. Click Here to see our TV distributions
Tech Consulting - Increasingly, technology is one of the biggest considerations in making a film, marketing it, launching it, and even selling it. Certainly interfacing with big tech companies like IMDB, Netflix, and even Amazon is important, but one of the most important steps much earlier in the process is getting a simple website up for your film to start generating buzz and getting consumers and other producers on board with your project. We have a stable of web designers we have relationships with who specialize in movie websites, and we also recommend Nexcess web hosting to provide high quality hosting for your film website. Click here to get a Nexcess coupon and get yourself started with a new film website.
Strategic Consulting - If you are just beginning the process of getting a film off the ground, we can provide you strategic guidance and help you make connections that will get you past the many fraught sticking points that can entrap you as you navigate your way from idea to full release. Click Here to see our strategic consulting
Location Sourcing - We can also provide location scouting services as a standalone service. For example, a currently under production Dutch film from the production house Wedden Op Films asked us to find locations in the Netherlands to film their latest production about a sports gambling conspiracy gone wrong. Click Here to get more information about their upcoming release.
Props and Sets Consulting - We can help find props and sets, as well as offer stylistic consulting for the look and feel of key scenes. As an example, the wedding wood gazebo for the recent film "Only In Love" was difficult for the producers to find, and we helped source a local craftsman who could build one to suit. We really think it made the wedding scene.
Film Investments - we have long specialized in connecting the write artists and backers to get films off the ground and on their way to the screen. We can connect you with high-upside productions to invest in. Click Here to see our film investments
Film Festivals - We have years of experience interfacing with film festival producers to get your film in front of the eyes that need to see it. Click Here to see film festivals Partnerships - We are able to source and vet potential partners for your movie project. For example, we found a casino and gambling expert ( to help with the accuracy and production value of the sports gambling movie we recently worked on.

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